CA Mahesh Gour

CA Dr Mahesh Gour is a CA a Ph. D. degree holder in Management of Taxation, and has completed his B.Com,, MBA in Finance, CCA, CFM, ADFM, DBA in Auditing and LLB (p). As a Professor CA, Dr Mahesh Gour is one such personality who has Ten Academic degrees with the title of Memory Guru & Master Mind.

He is also Nation famous for his superpower memory. In fact, he is the only Professor in the field who uses Mnemonics and Memory techniques while teaching. He has developed & this is exemplary from the fact that once in the seminar he had made 10th standard students memorize a CA Final Book with the page number in mere four days.

At StudyOnDoor.Com,  Mahesh Gour teaches the following:

CA FinalIndirect Tax Laws (IDT)

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